Cleaning Supplies For Bird Flu Pandemic

Cleaning Supplies For Bird Flu Pandemic

You need to have a good store of various medical, health, emergency and also cleaning supplies during a bird flu pandemic. In order to avoid getting infected by the virus, it is extremely important to sanitize and disinfect your surrounding and keep it clean so that you would avoid coming in contact with the contaminated surfaces.

Always carry disposable tissues and use them to handle trolleys, toilet doors and also open taps. While washing your hands, it is advisable to use an alcohol based hand wash with 60 - 95 percent concentrated alcohol.

To disinfect surfaces in order to avoid contamination, clean with soap or detergent first and use registered chemical disinfectants to inactivate the harmful viruses. Some of the recommended disinfectants include diluted household bleach containing sodium hypochlorite or chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, some mouthwashes, pine oil products, Phenolics, Lysol® spray, Aldehydes (they may be quite toxic) and certain ammonium compounds.

There are various disinfectants which have been registered by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) at US. When used according to the directions given by the manufacturer, they are effective to inactivate the avian flu viruses. These can be particularly used to disinfect hard surfaces.

For cleaning up the other commonly touched items like bar-code scanners, pens, steering wheels, door knobs and handles, you can use the disinfecting spray or even wipes that are available in the market.

In addition to sanitizing the hard surfaces, it is highly recommended to have an adequate storage of medical supplies, vitamins, fluids with electrolytes and glucose during these emergencies.

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Cleaning Supplies For Bird Flu Pandemic