Does Nano Mask Avian Flu Work ?

Does Nano Mask Avian Flu Work ?

Avian flu is a highly infectious and fatal disease mostly prevalent in poultry but can also affect other species including humans. The disease is quite severe as it affects the respiratory tract and also rapidly deteriorates the health of the victims as they develop viral pneumonia.

Nanomasks can be used by people to protect themselves against the infection of the avian flu virus. This was the first face mask to use nanotechnology for protection and has been developed to isolate and also destroy the contaminants. The disposable filters available in the mask contain nanoparticles which effectively filter the pathogens. The Nanomask contains a reusable body where disposable filters are inserted. These filters are also easily replaceable.

The filtration process absorbs the harmful microorganisms and offer protection to the prospective victim. You can cover your nose and mouth to prevent inhaling of the dangerous bacteria and viruses which may cause fatal diseases.

It is also important to be aware that the avian flu virus is very difficult to filter due to its constant mutation, but considering that there are no preventive vaccines, the mask is one of the ways to protect yourself during a pandemic.

The size of the mask can be easily adjusted to fit your face with the head straps provided. Nanomasks are now available for children as the adult masks do not fit the children properly and may not be effective in protecting them against the viruses.

Nanomasks are proved to be 99.9 percent efficient, highly compact and also extremely portable.

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Does Nano Mask Avian Flu Work