Who Is At High Risk Of The Avian Flu ?

Who Is At High Risk Of The Avian Flu ?

Avian flu or bird flu, as it is commonly known, is a contagious and deadly disease, which affects mostly the birds, in some cases the pigs and in extremely rare cases, human beings.

Avian flu affects humans in very rare cases, and these are the cases where the humans are in direct contact with the infected birds, or with the contaminated surfaces, that is places which are contaminated with the feces or saliva or secretion of the infected birds.

More than 200 human cases of avian influenza have been reported and mostly these are from the rural areas where there are small poultry folks in the houses itself.

Another reason for the virus spreading easily is that there is no such vaccine for human beings that have been developed for protection against this virus. This is because it is believed that the H5N1 virus, the most prevalent virus in the avian influenza does not affect humans. But scientists fear that over a period of time this virus may start affecting humans and also start spreading from one person to another.

Hence, it can be safely said that the avian flu does not spread from person to person, but it only spreads when someone comes in direct touch with the saliva or the feces of the infected bird. It is very important to have proper hygiene practices for all people coming in touch with the poultry and to maintain proper sanitation in and around the poultry house. It is better to stay away from places where there is an outbreak of avian influenza.  

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Who Is At High Risk Of The Avian Flu