History Of The Insulin Pump  

Way back in 1963, Dr. Arnold Kadish invented a very elementary model of an insulin pump, as big as a large backpack. It was worn on the back from where it supplied insulin and glucagons to the person. With further advancement in medical technology, different interventions were made in the 1970s to reduce its size to that of a brick.

During the next decade, as a result of a very fruitful discussion between the CEO of a medical equipment manufacturing company and a leading cardiologist, a practical version of an insulin pump was created. In 1983, MiniMed came up with the first miniature insulin pump (as small as a credit card and as thick as a dozen and half credit cards put together) was presented at the convention of the American Diabetes Association. This new medical equipment created waves in the world of diabetes treatment.

As medical technology progressed, the insulin pump underwent further modification, keeping patient comfort in mind. Over the years, medical equipment manufacturing company such as MiniMed, Disetronic, and Animas continued to take initiatives to improvise the structural and functional features of the insulin pump Initiatives were taken to make the insulin pump more user-friendly by including features like:

  1. Quick release features (which allows the patient to detach the pump from the body for a brief period of time)
  2. An in-built glucose monitoring system
  3. Quick-set insulin pumps (wherein pressing a single button, facilitate painless insertion)
  4. Built with extremely soft material, with very little risk of bruising or friction
Today, thousands of patients, who have been prescribed with intensive insulin therapy, have switched to using insulin pumps in order to reach their glucose goals.

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History Of The Insulin Pump




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