Insulin Pump Trouble Shooting Guidelines  

When you first start using a pump, you may face a lot of different kinds of problems. But do not worry. You will soon learn to be comfortable in handling and using the insulin pump set correctly.

Here are some insulin pump troubleshooting tips and guidelines to assist you:

  1. If there is blood in the tubing, then change the tubing and the site of insertion of the insulin pump.
  2. If there is air in the tubing, then disconnect it from the set and purge out the air from the tubing by using the prime option of the insulin pump. Preventing the entry of air bubbles is made possible by slowly filling up the cartridge with insulin at room temperature, ensuring that no air bubble is formed.
  3. If you are able to smell insulin, then it indicates that either the tubing is clogged, torn or leaking. So, you need to change the old tubing immediately with a new one.
  4. If the insertion site is bruised and appears red or if the site is tender and painful, then you must change the insertion site immediately.
  5. If the pump set is not inserted correctly in the subcutaneous tissues or if the cannula gets easily dislodged from skin, or if there is blood in the cannula, then you must change the infusion set and insert a new one in another fresh site.
  6. Apart from all these measures, you must also ensure that the batteries are changed regularly and that the blood glucose monitor and strips are calibrated periodically.
  7. It is advisable to read the manual carefully for instructions before beginning to use it.
  8. If the insulin appears cloudy or lumpy, then the possibility is that it has expired or has become spoiled. So, change the insulin bottle ones in 30 days. It is advisable to use a new cartridge and fill it up with fresh insulin periodically.

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Insulin Pump Trouble Shooting Guidelines




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