Can You Have Cancer Even If Blood Work Is Normal ?

Can You Have Cancer Even If Blood Work Is Normal ?

Blood tests are not the only way to determine if a person has cancer. Sometimes, the blood tests of a patient may be absolutely normal but the person may still have cancer. Hence, there are other tests conducted for a complete diagnosis.

Some types of cancer such as lung cancer can be diagnosed only after a CT scan is done, along with a chest x-ray, whereas a blood test in such a case would only reveal the levels of the white blood cells and the red blood cells. In some cases, even in the presence of a cancer, the levels of the white and red blood cells may be within normal range.

For some forms of a cancer, a biopsy is conducted, where a sample of the suspicious cells are taken for testing. This is how the presence of blood cancer or lung cancer is confirmed. Apart from this, there are other types of tests conducted for detecting cancer. Besides blood test, these include urine cytology test where a sample of the urine is tested, blood protein testing where the various proteins in the blood are examined to check the presence of any abnormal proteins and there is also a tumor marker test where tumor markers made by the tumor cells can be detected.

Hence, if a person has undergone blood test for detection of cancer, and if the results are normal and if certain symptoms persist, then one should insist on further tests as a normal blood test may not be the only indicator of absence of cancer and it is better to be safe than sorry because an early detection of cancer can lead to earlier treatment.

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Can You Have Cancer Even If Blood Work Is Normal