Can Tonsils Have White Spots And Not Be Strep Throat

Can Tonsils Have White Spots And Not Be Strep Throat ?

It is quite possible that you wake up one day and find white spots on your tonsils and you wonder can tonsils have white spots and not be strep throat. The answer to this is yes. Tonsils can have white spots without it being strep throat.

Tonsils have craters on them that are known as crypts. The crypts and the tonsils are covered with a covering known as mucosa which is regularly shed. However, in some people this lining tends to get deposited in the crypts and appear as white spots. In most people the white spots, when they occur, do not pose a problem while in others they do.

Besides the mucosa getting deposited even food particles tend to deposited in the crypts. When this happens some people get a sore throat, find it difficult to swallow and have bad breath. This is because of the white spots on the tonsils and not because of strep throat.

Doctors believe that these white spots can occur on the tonsils due to large tonsils, large crypts, overactive salivary glands or too many oral bacteria. In fact, unlike strep throat, white spots on the tonsils are not at all a serious medical condition. At the most they will be irritating and embarrassing because of the sore throat and bad odor.

Because the white spots on the tonsils tend to harden, they can be quite difficult to remove. You can use a toothbrush, Q-tip or your finger to scrape them off. However, if you find this unpleasant, the other alternative is to have your tonsils removed. In order to fight bad odor due to white spots on the tonsils, make sure you use a toothpaste that has baking soda. This will alleviate the problem of bad breath.

Just because you have white spots on your tonsils, it does not mean you have strep throat.

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Can Tonsils Have White Spots And Not Be Strep Throat