Children And Tetanus  

Tetanus is a disease that is caused by bacterium called Clostridium Tetanus, and it normally enters the body through wounds. Children are considered most susceptible to this type of infection because they frequently get hurt, and do not pay too much attention to keeping the wound clean and disinfected.

Even babies can get tetanus when the umbilical cord has been cut and that is why the mother is given a tetanus shot in her pregnancy, so that she is immune to the bacteria.

The tetanus bacterium does not spread, but it aggravates matters in the site that it infects.

In order to prevent tetanus in children, parents have to take extra care when the children get hurt like washing wounds with an antiseptic soap and also keeping the wounds clean. It is preferable to use an antibacterial cream on the wounds.

Tetanus is caused by a bacterium that directly affects the nervous system, and causes painful spasms in the muscles. Some of the early symptoms are headaches, difficulty in swallowing, stiffness in the neck, and irritability. The younger the children are, the more difficult it is to identify the symptoms. However, these spasms tend to increase with time. If the tetanus reaches the nerves, it becomes fatal and there is nothing one can do to prevent the inevitable.

Towards the end, the person can go through severe and excruciating pain, and the body will become bent, and end up having a shape of a bow. Also, the spasms keep occurring intermittently. After this the bacteria enters the nerves and paralyzes the entire body, including the heart muscle.

However, tetanus can be avoided by taking a simple vaccine to prevent it.

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Children And Tetanus




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