How Many People Get Tetanus ?  

Tetanus is a condition that is brought on by a strain of bacteria called clostridium tetani. It enters the human body through cuts and wounds, and causes infection. It is found in soil and animal feces. The bacteria give out a toxin which is extremely dangerous for human beings and can cause death.

Tetanus, however, is an extremely rare medical condition in the US, and the country sees less than 100 cases every year. Children are vaccinated frequently whenever they are badly injured. Tetanus is more widespread in countries where there is a lack of sanitation systems and there is an overall problem with hygiene. Children in these countries get affected by tetanus more in numbers.

When tetanus is not treated on time, it becomes fatal. The world statistics on tetanus is undocumented as the numbers are pretty high in the third world and developing countries. Children are the most susceptible to tetanus as they play in outdoor environment, and are prone to falls. That is why getting a tetanus shot is very important for them. It is included in the regular vaccination or immunization plan for the children. One tetanus shot can protect a child for up to 10 years. Even pregnant women are given tetanus shots so that the baby is safe when the doctors cut the umbilical cord.

Utmost care is taken in the US to prevent tetanus even in infants. People who have had accidents and surgeries are automatically given tetanus shots as a part of the protocol. That is why the number of people who actually get the disease is less than 0.1 percent in the US.

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How Many People Get Tetanus




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