Signs Of Tetanus  

Tetanus is a medical condition that is brought on by a bacterium. It adversely affects the central nervous system, and eventually can cause death if left untreated. It causes excessive pains, and spasms and contraction in the muscles. It is an extremely painful condition that brings a lot of suffering for the infected person. However, tetanus vaccination is extremely common, and it is now an unheard disease in several parts of the world.

It is one of the first shots that a baby receives after it is born. Also, tetanus vaccine is given frequently over a person’s lifetime. The tetanus-causing bacterium enters the human body through deep cuts and wounds. It gets into the blood stream immediately. Tetanus bacterium is present in the soil and animal feces.

Some of the initial signs of tetanus include headaches and body pains. One of the distinguishing symptoms is the lock jaw where cramping and painful spasms occur in the jaw. The bacterium releases a toxin that is dangerous for the human body. As the toxin spreads throughout the body, several muscle groups get attacked, and the person experiences severe cramping and body pain. If the pain is felt in the stomach, abdomen, neck and arms, then tetanus is affected the entire body. The pains are severe and they occur in the form of spasms. Sometimes, the pain can lead to severe convulsions. Eventually the toxin enters the heart and causes death.

When a person is infected by tetanus, it usually takes less than two weeks for the symptoms to appear. However, in some cases it can take 2 days or even two months. If the disease starts showing symptoms in a shorter period of time, then it is considered to be more severe.

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Signs Of Tetanus




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