Treatment For Tetanus  

Tetanus is a bacterial infection that adversely affects the central nervous system, and when this happens that body is wracked with severe muscle pains. If tetanus is not treated on time, it may be fatal for the person who has been infected. Tetanus is also known as lockjaw because one of the first symptoms of the disease is that it causes extreme pain in the jaw muscle.

The tetanus-causing bacteria get into the body when we have suffered a bad injury. If the wound is cut deep and reaches the blood stream, the bacteria can enter from the wound. Tetanus causing bacterium breeds in animal and human feces, unhygienic surroundings and soil. However, tetanus vaccination is very common across the world. People know that if they get hurt badly, they have to get a tetanus shot.

In the case of tetanus, prevention is more effective than cure. Tetanus can be easily prevented by taking the vaccinating on time. Also, once a person is old, they have to keep taking shots like tetanus once in a year at least. If unfortunately a person has been affected by tetanus, then they have to spend many weeks recuperating in the hospital. During this time they are kept under IV or intravenous treatment and antibiotics and anti bacterial medicines are injected through the IV. This prevents the bacteria from entering the nerves which then becomes fatal. At that time, tetanus vaccination is given and the bacteria are killed through IV medications. However, the patient has to be watched under medical care for several weeks so that relapse of the bacterial infection does not occur.

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Treatment For Tetanus




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