What Is Tetanus ?  

Tetanus is a bacterial infection caused by bacteria called Clostridium tetani. This bacterium is present in soil, dust, and animal feces. It is one of the most common types of bacteria found in our environment. However, these bacteria can be extremely harmful for human beings. They get into the body when we have deep cuts that are unprotected. Tetanus is also known as lock jaw because of its distinguishing symptoms.

Tetanus does not cause any fever. Some of the symptoms of the condition are headaches, and severe cramping in the muscles of the jaw, abdomen area, hands and legs which eventually spreads to the neck and face. In extreme cases, one may have convulsions as a result of tetanus.

Prevention is always better than cure, and more so in the case of tetanus. Tetanus vaccinations are extremely common and are easily available. In fact, it is automatically given when a person has been badly injured. Children get tetanus vaccinations two to three times in the first five years of their life. Some doctors believe that a person should take tetanus shots once in 6 months, while others believe that one shot is good for 10 years. However, whenever there is a bad injury, one should always take a tetanus shot.

If a person has been affected y tetanus bacteria, they are hospitalized and monitored for several weeks. The patient may be kept under observation and is treated through intravenous treatments. The symptoms of tetanus itself take two weeks to two months to show up. The shorter time the symptoms take to develop, the more acute is the condition.

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What Is Tetanus




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