Homeopathic Cures For Tuberculosis  

Tuberculosis is caused by a bacterium, Mycobacteria tuberculosis, and it spreads from an infected person to another through airborne droplets. Usually the disease affects the lungs but it can affect other parts of the body like the heart or bones.

Prior to 1940s when antibiotics were not discovered, tuberculosis was one of the leading causes of deaths in the US. Today the disease is not so common but it is seeing a resurgence due to HIV and AIDS.

There are many medications that can effectively treat tuberculosis and it is no longer a life threatening disease. However, many people are not comfortable about using drugs and that is why they look towards homeopathy as an alternative treatment source. Homeopathic cures for tuberculosis advocate the use of herbs and minerals. The cures treat the body as the whole and usually homeopathy cures for tuberculosis take into account all the complaints of the patient before prescribing a treatment.

Before any homeopathic cure for tuberculosis is prescribed, the homeopathic doctor will first check the patient thoroughly. The patient will be checked on a physical, emotional and intellectual level. Once the homeopath finishes the assessment, a tailor-made treatment is prescribed. Occasionally two or more homeopathic cures for tuberculosis may be prescribed.

The most common homeopathic cures prescribed for tuberculosis is Arsenicum album and Calcarea carbonica. Arsenicum album is used to treat the cough and chest pain, while Calcarea carbonica helps with swollen lymph nodes, chills, drowsiness and perspiration.

If you are taking homeopathic cures for treating tuberculosis, you should be prepared for your symptoms to get worse before they get better.

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Homeopathic Cures For Tuberculosis




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