Tuberculosis Medicaid Policy  

The Social Security Act was amended to allow states to offer Medicaid to individuals, who belong to low income families, to get treated for tuberculosis.

However, the tuberculosis Medicaid policy also limits the eligibility for tuberculosis-related services. This amendment was brought about by the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA '93).

Before the OBRA '93 amendment was brought about, people who were not considered disabled as stipulated under the Supplemental Security Income program did not qualify for tuberculosis treatment under Medicaid. And, this was despite the fact that these people met all the other requirements.

People first have to qualify for Medicaid before they can be eligible for tuberculosis treatment under Medicaid. Once they qualify for Medicaid, they avail the following services under the tuberculosis Medicaid policy:

  • Tuberculosis-infected patients are now eligible for prescription drugs to treat their infection.
  • The can avail physicians' services including outpatient services, rural health clinics and health centers which are federally qualified.
  • Patients can now undergo laboratory tests and X-rays, including those performed to detect the presence of tuberculosis.
  • Tuberculosis-infected individuals can take advantage of services that help to complete the entire treatment protocol, including direct observation to ensure that the individual takes the prescribed medications. However, this does not include room and board.
  • Patients can also avail case management services.
                                                                                                                                  If you are suffering from tuberculosis, check whether you qualify for Medicaid, and if you do, you take advantage of the tuberculosis Medicaid policy to ensure that you get the proper and appropriate treatment for this infectious but curable disease.

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Tuberculosis Medicaid Policy




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