Can A Rash Appear And Disappear Suddenly In Scabies

Can A Rash Appear And Disappear Suddenly In Scabies ?

Scabies rash is one of the first symptoms observed in people infected with this disease caused by mites. The rash occurs due to allergic reactions of the toxins which are produced by the parasite.

The eggs, secretions and feces of the mites are the main agents which cause irritation, itching, discomfort, scaling, blistering and soreness of the skin.

Scabies rash shares many similarities with other skin disorders and hence the symptoms of are often mistaken for eczema, dermatitis and chicken pox. Sometimes, it is difficult to diagnose the disease until it has developed complications like bacterial infections, scaling and crusting of the skin.

The scabies rash can affect various parts of the body like hands, fingers, wrists, toes, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, armpits, lower abdomen, chest, buttocks, nipples region and also the genitals. They occur rarely on the exposed region of the skin like neck or face in the case of adults. They also affect the scalp of infants, aged people and persons with weakened immune system. In the case of infants, the rash is generally severe with an intense itch.

Scabies rash is very persistent and difficult to treat. Can a rash appear and disappear suddenly in scabies? Yes, it can. This usually happens when the rash is treated but the treatment does not involving treating clothes, bed linen and the house. So, as a person is treated, the rash disappears only to reappear when the mites find their way back.

Antihistamines and hydrocortisone are used to treat scabies but they are found to only provide temporary relief and are not successful to heal the rash completely. Analgesic creams and gels can be used to soothe the itching caused by the rash. Sometimes, oral analgesics are used for longer-lasting effect. Alcohol-based lotions and creams are discouraged as they can aggravate the rash, intensify the itching, and cause soreness and scaling of the skin.

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Can A Rash Appear And Disappear Suddenly In Scabies