Are Tapeworms In Dogs Contagious To Humans

Are Tapeworms In Dogs Contagious To Humans ?

It has been seen that small children and infants can easily catch worms from house pets like dogs and cats. The reason for this very simple -- children and infants have immature immune system and they are often neglectful when it comes to personal hygiene.

Therefore, it is important to teach children to always wash their hands before eating or after playing with the family pet.

Are tapeworms in dogs contagious to humans? Before we look to answer this question, let us first understand more about how dogs get tapeworms. The most common tapeworm found in dogs is the Dipylidium caninum. This tapeworm is flat, white in color, segmented and can grow up to 20 centimeters in length.

Usually a dog gets tapeworm infection when it ingests an infected flea. Flea larvae eat fecal matter that contains tapeworm eggs and the egg then hatches inside the tapeworm to form cysticercoids. Usually when the dog scratches itself, it can ingest an infected flea and the cysticercoids are released in the dog's abdomen where it develops into an adult tapeworm. The tapeworm attaches itself to the intestinal lining from where it lives off the nutrients present in the dog's body.

As the tapeworm matures, the segments from the tail section are passed out with feces and each segment contains tapeworm eggs. A flea larva feeds on the feces and thereby ingesting the eggs and the cycle begins all over again.

Tapeworm eggs can also be found in the dog's bedding or the places where he spends time sleeping and resting, which can also be your bed or the carpet.

Now coming to the question are tapeworms in dogs contagious to humans? Well, in order for humans to get dog tapeworms, they would have to eat an infected flea. Though this is rare, it is not impossible.

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Are Tapeworms In Dogs Contagious To Humans