How Do Tapeworms Enter The Human Body

How Do Tapeworms Enter The Human Body ?

Tapeworm infection is becoming quite common in the United States. But how do tapeworms enter the human body? How tapeworms enter the human body depends mostly on the type and quality of food that a human eats.

Tapeworm eggs are present in beef and pork and if people eat undercooked beef and pork, they are likely to get tapeworm infection.

Tapeworms also enter the human body through bad hygiene. In case, a person does not wash his hands after using the toilet, there can be fecal matter present under the nails. If the person is infected with tapeworms, the fecal matter will also have tapeworm eggs. When the person handles food, the eggs get transferred to the food and can infect a person who consumes it.

Another source of tapeworm infection is raw fish. Although the sushi restaurants know what type of fish to serve to clients, tapeworm infection through raw fish usually occur at homes when people try to emulate sushi cooks and do not use the correct type of fish. Freshwater fish are notorious for having tapeworms. This usually occurs when raw sewage in pumped into freshwater and the sewage contains infected animal and human feces. The feces are eaten by crustaceans, which in turn are consumed by fish.

A tapeworm that enters the human body can live for up to 20 years and during the period of the infection, it latches on to the intestinal wall through suckers that leach your body of vital nutrients. Although most infected people are asymptomatic, some complain of abdominal pain, diarrhea, appetite loss, headache and allergies.

Tapeworm infection can be prevented by ensuring good personal hygiene and eating properly cooked beef, pork and fish. Even freezing the fish and meat to -5 degrees Celsius can help kill the tapeworm eggs.

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How Do Tapeworms Enter The Human Body