How Long Tapeworm Stay In Dogs

How Long Tapeworm Stay In Dogs ?

Dogs get tapeworms when they eat infected fleas. This usually happens when the dog is grooming, licking or scratching itself. Therefore, if your dog has fleas, it is quite possible that your dog has tapeworms.

Flea larvae consume feces, which is infected with tapeworm eggs and when the larvae mature into adults, the eggs turn into embryo. And when your dog eats an infected flea, the flea is broken down by the stomach and intestinal juices and embryo is released into the dog's body where it matures in to a segmented adult.

So, how long tapeworms stay in dogs? Well, tapeworms apparently have a long lifespan and sometimes can live in the body for 20 years. However, a tapeworm will stay in the dog until you kill it using an antihelmintic. Usually tapeworms do not last very long in the dog, maybe around 8 weeks because you will notice the segments in the stools after 6 weeks and immediately consult a doctor. A tapeworm's lifecycle from embryo to adulthood takes around 6 weeks.

Once you use drugs to kill the tapeworm, make sure you use it again after two weeks so that you kill any eggs that have matured thereafter. In addition, use proper flea prevention so that your dog does not have a chance of getting re-infection. If you do not kill the fleas and do not stop your dog from getting fleas, it will be practically impossible for you to stop your dog from getting infected by a tapeworm.

In the US, tapeworms are usually seasonal infestation and if you take care of your dog, the worm will not be able survive in the dog for very long. However, in humid climates, tapeworms can be an all year long problem so you would have to regularly get your dog's stools checked for tapeworm infestation.

A point to note when it comes to finding out how long tapeworms stay in dogs is that tapeworms if not treated can stay in the dog for several years. Adult tapeworms are known to live inside a dog for up to 2 years.

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How Long Tapeworm Stay In Dogs