How Will My Dog Feel After A Tapeworm Treatment

How Will My Dog Feel After A Tapeworm Treatment ?

Dogs usually get tapeworm infection when they swallow an infected flea containing tapeworm eggs. As the flea is digested in the stomach, the tapeworm eggs are released and they hatch into worms. The worms use hooks to latch on to the lining of the intestine from where they feed on the nutrients that the dog consumes.

If your dog has tapeworms, the most common symptoms will be scooting or segments crawling near the anus. Scooting is dragging the anus along the ground or the floor. You will also notice segments in the stools. These segments are the size and color of a rice grain and contain tapeworm eggs. Once the segments dry, they turn hard and golden in color. It is then that they rupture and release their eggs onto the ground where they are ingested by flea larvae.

Tapeworms are usually not harmful but when present in large numbers, they can make the dog weak and the dog will also lose weight. Sometimes, the tapeworm may move from the intestine to the stomach, causing the dog to vomit out the worm.

Any dog, suspected of having tapeworms should immediately be treated. The vet can prescribe medication which will kill the worm. However, the medication should be repeated after another two weeks to kill any eggs that have matured into worms. This way you will prevent re-infection. At the same time, it is important that you treat your dog for fleas.

You may want to know how will my dog feel after a tapeworm treatment. Usually immediately after the treatment, you will not notice any difference. However, in week or so, you will notice your dog's coat filling out and the dog will start gain weight. In addition, the eyes will brighten. Immediately after tapeworm treatment, it is important to keep your dog well fed and hydrated. This will help it a lot and the recovery from tapeworm infection will be faster.

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How Will My Dog Feel After A Tapeworm Treatment