Cost Of Ebola Treatment  

Ebola is a virus protein which is vital for a viral to enter into human cells. It is a virus spike protein that is bound to immune system and helps to neutralize the virus that has entered the human body.

The cause of Ebola is not yet determined, but it is believed that gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys may be the chief carriers of this virus.

Ebola is an infection caused when one comes into physical contact with the bodily fluids of some one who is infected with the Ebola virus. It leads to massive bleeding and an eventual suffering of dehydration. 

One of the main causes for the hemorrhagic fever virus is the Ebola virus, which can be classified into four sub types namely Ebola-Zaire, Ebola-Sudan, and Ebola-Ivory Coast and Ebola-Reston. The main carrier of this disease in humans is the Ebola-Ivory Coast and Ebola-Reston causes this disease in animals.

The cost of Ebola treatment cannot be determined as there is no treatment or vaccine that has been found out so far. The only medication that can be provided to these patients is antibiotics and anti malarial drugs. The best thing to be done for people suffering from such infection is to keep them hydrated as it is important to take care of the oxygen level and the blood pressure of the patient. 

Since there is no vaccine or proper treatment for Ebola virus, preventive and protective measures have to be taken to ensure that the disease does not spread further, and for this the patient should be isolated. Also, clothing, personal items and bed linen of the patients should be washed with bleach.

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Cost Of Ebola Treatment




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