Genus Species For Ebola Virus  

Ebola is the name of a group of viruses which are responsible for the deadly Ebola hemorrhagic fever. There are different species of the Ebola virus namely Zaire Ebolavirus, Sudan Ebolavirus, Ivory Coast Ebolavirus and Reston Ebolavirus.

Symptoms of the Ebola hemorrhagic fever are diarrhea, vomiting of blood, red spots or rash on the skin as well as internal and external bleeding.

Research is still being done in relation to find out more about the genus species for Ebola virus and the potential diagnostics.

Currently no vaccine or treatment is available for this deadly virus, whose fatality rate is 53 to 90 percent. People affected by this virus mostly die of dehydration, massive bleeding or shock. Currently the only medication that is available for these patients is anti malarial drugs and antibiotics.

But there has been a breakthrough in this regard and recently a new virus has been discovered which has been provisionally named as Bundibugyo ebolavirus. The new virus differs by more than 30 percent genetically from all other Ebola viruses. For a quick determination of these genetics scientists resorted to the newly developed pyro-sequencing. This knowledge helped them to move towards sensitive molecular detection. The distinct nature of this new member of the Ebola virus genus is required in the current efforts that are being taken worldwide to design some effective diagnostics, the antiviral and required vaccines.

This new genus species of Ebola virus will be an important in designing tools for monitoring Ebola hemorrhagic fever in both animals as well as humans and it will also help in the development of an anti Ebola vaccine or medication at some point in the future.

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Genus Species For Ebola Virus




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How-Many-People-Have-Died-Of-Ebola      Hemorrhagic fever is caused by the Ebola virus, which does not have any particular treatment at present. The fatality rate of this disease is as high as 90 percent and patients mostly die due to dehydration, massive bleeding and sometimes shock. The death toll due to Ebola is found to be more in Africa such as the outbreak in Uganda in September 2000 where close to 160 people died. More..




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