Pictures Of The Effects Of Ebola  

Ebola is a very deadly viral disease. Once this disease is on set, it breaks down the walls of the blood vessels. The result of which is blood gushing out from the tissues or from the organs. This disease is named after the place where the first outbreak occurred that came to knowledge of the world.

The effects of Ebola is exceptionally lethal that kills nearly 90 percent of all its victims. It just takes a few days for the deadly virus to show its effect and the ultimate impact. As it is contagious, it has a deadly effect even after the patient is dead. So preparing the body for its funeral also poses problem for the family members. It is one among the two RNA viruses called the Filovirindae. Together with other three viruses like arena viruses, bunyan viruses, and flavi viruses they can have effective and deadly episodic diseases

The effect of this Ebola was in its worst in 1995 when there was an outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo. The first victim was a lab technician died within hours of detection. And his medical attendants and caregivers too died within next 24 hours. The disease further spread throughout the city, which had a population of 600,000, in the next 48 hours.

It is during the outbreak in 2007 in and around Kampungu village and in Kasai Occidental, the effect of the disease had resulted in 187 people having died. While it is very difficult to explain the effect of Ebola through pictures, one can just imagine how deadly the virus can be. Since there is no vaccination or treatment for this disease, respite from this dreaded disease may be a long wait.

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Pictures Of The Effects Of Ebola




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The-Size-Of-A-Ebola      Ebola is the common term for a group of viruses that belongs to genus Ebola Virus and family of Filoviridae. It is responsible for spreading a very fatal disease, for which no vaccination or treatment has so far not been discovered. The Ebola virus is most prevalent in the tropical regions of Africa. More..




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Pictures Of The Effects Of Ebola )
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