Colonoscopy Risks  

Even though colonoscopy is regarded as quite a safe procedure, there are chances of complications just like any other medical procedure. Statistics show that by and large the risk of complications arising from colonoscopy is pegged as a very low 0.35 percent approximately.

If you are preparing for a colonoscopy then you should know of all the possible risks attached to the procedure, even though chances of any of them happening to you are very low. Some of the complications that could happen during a colonoscopy are bleeding, perforation, infection, negative reaction to anesthesia and post polypectomy syndrome.

Complications may even arise during colon prep or the steps you need to follow a few days before the procedure like changes in your diet. Elderly patients or those with a weak heart are more susceptible to risks at the colon prep stage. If a perforation occurs during the colonoscopy, it is corrected through surgery if big, while smaller tears can be mended without any surgical procedure but with antibiotics and monitored bowel moment. If there is bleeding then it will naturally stop on its own. If the patient shows symptoms of post polypectomy syndrome then he is advised plenty of rest, antibiotics and intravenous fluids.

Sometimes anesthetic medications used during a colonoscopy may lead to complications too. These include complications in the respiratory system, allergic reactions to the anesthesia, nausea, low blood pressure or vomiting. Though extremely rare, there are chances of you being landed with an infection post a colonoscopy, if the endoscope used by your doctor has not been properly sterilized.

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Colonoscopy Risks




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