Signs Of Alcoholic Liver Disease  

Alcoholic liver disease is caused due to a chronic alcohol habit in people. Alcohol causes damage to the liver when it is consumed excessively.

Alcoholic liver disease is also called ALD, and it can take several forms like the fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, jaundice, and several other disorders.When the liver is damaged severely, it may reach a stage called alcohol hepatitis, and it ceases functioning. At this point, it may cause death to the person. Also, it can lead to cancer, which is worse.

Alcoholic hepatitis is caused in people who have been drinking everyday and have been alcoholics for a long period of time. The symptoms of the disease may not appear outwardly in the beginning. In advanced stages, it does cause jaundice and cirrhosis. Jaundice, when it occurs late in life, can be very difficult to treat.

It is very difficult to detect fatty liver disease through symptoms as in most cases there are none present. In a hepatitis disorder the symptoms have a wide variation. For some, the abdomen may swell up and there may be water retention in the legs. A scan of the liver may show that it has enlarged and is bigger in size. However, fatty liver disease is not only caused due to alcoholism but also by obesity, insulin resistance and also malnutrition.

People who have cirrhosis may experience weight loss, vomiting, swelling in the legs and pain in the abdomen. Other symptoms include dry mouth, mental confusion, lightheadedness, and severe fatigue.

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Signs Of Alcoholic Liver Disease




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