What Does Cirrhosis Of The Liver Do To The Body

What Does Cirrhosis Of The Liver Do To The Body ?

Cirrhosis is a condition that damages the liver systematically over a period of time. It does not occur suddenly, or the symptoms do not develop overnight. In fact, the progress of cirrhosis is very slow and gradual.

In this condition, the liver cells and the tissue become damaged.The normal liver tissue that is soft in nature is replaced by scarred tissue. The scarred tissue kills the cells in the body. Due to the lack of cells, the liver stops functioning normally, and several important mechanisms in the body are ceased. People with cirrhosis experience its effects all over the body.

The liver filters the blood, produces bile, which plays an important role in digestion, and also produces many enzymes for the body. The liver also regulates the hormones in the body. When the liver stops functioning properly, it starts affecting all the processes related to digestion and hormonal production in the body.

Cirrhosis of the liver can cause other diseases as well like edema, which is signified by the swelling of the legs; jaundice; and it can also prevent the blood from clotting. People with this condition become highly prone to infections, and also they notice frequent bruising on the body.

Over a period of time, if cirrhosis is left undetected, then it could cause carcinoma of the liver, and the person can also develop gall stones. Both are extremely painful conditions, and patients do not survive when they reach this stage. Also, when the liver stops functioning properly, the toxins in the body start building up and it can lead to several other types of cancer.

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What Does Cirrhosis Of The Liver Do To The Body