Mental Illness Assessment Tests

Mental Illness Assessment Tests

Mental illness is a medical condition where an individual’s thinking power, behavior and mood is severely affected. Mental illness affects a person’s ability to manage his daily life but after proper mental illness assessment tests, medication and therapy can be given to improve the person’s quality of life

Mental illness assessment test is defined as a systematic evaluation and measurement of the person’s psychological, biological and social factors that contribute to the illness. There are many assessment tests available but they all follow a common gathering of information, which is listed below:

  • Current symptoms and what is problem
  • Recent events
  • Medical condition
  • History of drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Family history
  • The person’s self-concept

It is very important in all mental illness assessment tests to have a clinical interview with the patient. During this process, the doctor makes appropriate assessment of the person’s mental status and also determines which are the areas that need to be explored further. During the initial clinical interview the following are assessed:

  • Appearance and behavior
  • Thought process
  • Speech
  • Mood and effect
  • Intellectual functioning
  • Aware of the surroundings

In addition, there are other essential aspects that need to be taken into account for successful treatment. The doctor has to figure out the current symptoms and presenting problem; the way the problem interferes in the person’s ability to work, to live, with his relationships etc; recent events that led to the stress, medical examination for organic diseases or disorders, past history of psychological problems and socio-cultural background.

Besides clinical interview, there are other mental illness assessment tests like neuropsychological tests, biological tests, psychological tests, and behavioral observations.

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