Symptoms Of Add Or Adhd In Teenagers  

Though ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a behavior disorder commonly diagnosed in smaller children, it also affects those in their teens. ADHD in a teen is much more difficult to handle, since it is often present in conjunction with other conditions, like anxiety disorders, substance-induced mood disorders, learning disabilities, oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.

The symptoms displayed by a teen suffering from ADHD are quite akin to those displayed by a child. These range from impulsive behavior, poor concentration, hyperactivity, irritability, distractibility and insomnia. Since the hormones in a human body undergo major changes during the teenage years, the symptoms of ADHD are much stronger at that time; also, if a teenage child is into some kind of substance abuse, especially if he is snorting cocaine, he too may show symptoms of ADHD.

The teens are a difficult phase in most young adults' lives, and those with ADHD have to face even more difficult times in school, especially with falling grades due to distractibility and lack of concentration.

Teens with ADHD tend to get bored easily with the routine classes, tend to forget their class assignments and are often unable to find their textbooks. They may also be too restless, have a tough time sitting through classes, become over attentive or pay no attention at all. They may also have a habit of speaking out of turn and interrupting teachers.

Another major problem faced by teens with ADHD is while they are driving, because of their impulsive nature, coupled with the lack of prudence and distractibility.

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Symptoms Of Add Or Adhd In Teenagers




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Symptoms-Of-Adolescent-Add-And-Adhd      Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is a common childhood behavior disorder that affects close to 10 percent of school going kids and adolescents. Often seen as usual teenage behavior, the symptoms of ADHD in a teen are hyperactivity, impulsiveness and lack of concentration, among others. More..




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