Relationship Between Dementia And Increased Hunger  

Sometimes a person with dementia may eat more food than required. This clearly shows that there is a relationship between dementia and increased hunger. The increased hunger in dementia patients could be due to changes in the brain caused by the disease.

However, the relationship between dementia and increased is often a temporary phase and overeating is mostly due to memory loss. The patient forgets that he has already eaten. If you see the patient overeating, it is best to try and limit his food intake to prevent him from feeling uncomfortable or becoming overweight.

It has been seen that sometimes, a person suffering from dementia feels compelled to search and consume any type of food. This behavior should be monitored carefully because the person can eat or drink unsuitable or dangerous substances.

If you are trying to prevent a person suffering from dementia from overeating it is best to put away anything that you do not want the person to consume out of sight and out of reach. You should also try to distract their attention or try and find an activity that can substitute the urge to eat. If the person still insists on eating, give him healthy food like fruits, raw vegetables or crackers.

It is important that encourage the person suffering from dementia to eat a balanced diet. They are lacking any essential vitamins or nutrients, they can become ill or more confused. Encourage the person to enjoy his food, eat a variety of foods, the right amount to maintain healthy weight and foods that are rich in starch and fiber. Do not let the person eat sugary foods or drink sugary drinks. Even pay attention to foods with high salt content and cut down on salt added during cooking.

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Relationship Between Dementia And Increased Hunger




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