Rheumatic Fever Residual Effects  

Rheumatic fever usually occurs due to strep throat, which is left untreated. Strep throat is quite a common throat infection among children and invariably giving oral antibiotics for 10 days can treat the infection and prevent onset of rheumatic fever.

However, it has been seen when strep throat develops without symptoms or the person does not take the full course of antibiotics, there is a 3-percent chance of the person developing rheumatic fever.

Rheumatic Fever Residual Effects:
There are many residual effects of rheumatic fever. It has been seen that nearly 75 percent of people who suffer from rheumatic fever end up getting arthritis. The joints of the ankles, knees, elbows and wrist end up getting swollen and extremely painful. However, arthritis due to rheumatic fever does not develop symmetrically and it rarely affects the spine, fingers and toes. The worst part about arthritis due to rheumatic fever is that the joints become so tender that even something like clothing touching the joints can be extremely painful.

Other rheumatic fever residual effects are uncontrolled movements of the limbs and face, and emotional instability. This occurs in nearly 10 percent of all patients suffering from rheumatic fever. The first signs of change in coordination are seen through changes in the handwriting followed by jerky movements of the arms or legs. Patients also develop low limits for sadness and anger.

Due to rheumatic fever, skin changes occur. Erythema marginatum is a type of rash that usually develops in people who sustain heart damage due to rheumatic fever. The rash starts at the arms and then spreads to the rest of the body, other than the face, in a spiral manner. However, the rash does not itch. Other patients develop nodules under the skin which are pea-sized and not painful. These nodules are usually seen on the knee and elbow joint, and on the spine.

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Rheumatic Fever Residual Effects




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