Medicine For Contact Dermatitis

Medicine For Contact Dermatitis

      Contact dermatitis can be seen as a skin reaction that happen after your skin have been exposed to a substance that can irritates you or triggers an allergic response.

        Generally, Contact dermatitis can be divided into three types as allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis and photocontact dermatitis. Normally, people who have contact dermatitis have red rash, Blisters or wheals and Itchy, burning skin. 

         Red rash can be seen as the usual reaction. In case of irritant contact dermatitis, red rash could appear immediately. However, in case of allergic contact dermatitis, the red rash might not appeared after 24 hours since patient contacted the allergen. Moreover, it would take time about days before Contact dermatitis will disappear.

          There are some tips for treating Contact dermatitis by yourself. First of all, you must wash your skin immediately after your skin has been exposed to allergen or irritant. Secondly, you can stop the development of blisters by applying cold moist compresses on your skin for thirty minutes with three times a day. Secondly, using calamine lotion or bathing with colloidal oatmeal might help you from itchiness.

          Medicine for contact dermatitis is Oral antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (it sell on market in trade named of Benadryl). This medicine will help you relieve from itchiness. In mild cases, you can use hydrocortisone cream for small area.

           After using all of these methods and red rash does not disappear in 2 - 3 days or you feel itchier and/or pain, you must go to see a doctor immediately.

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