What Causes Mercer Staph Infection ?

What Causes Mercer Staph Infection ?

One is often confused with what MRSA means. MRSA is the acronym of Methicillin Resistant Staphyloloccus Aureus, or it is simply called Mercer staph infection. It is a kind of bacterial infection that is highly resistant to most antibiotics.

There are two known types of Mercer staph infection -- hospital associated MRSA and the community associated MRSA. The hospital associated MRSA usually occurs during a visit or stay in hospitals or clinics; while the community associated MRSA is the one which spreads in public places like locker rooms where people come in close contact with each other.

Usually symptoms of staph infections do not cause alarming problems unless one has broken skin which can provide entry of the bacteria inside the body. Once the bacteria gets inside the body, they start to grow in number and cause the infection. In most cases, antibiotics are needed to treat the infection. Minor infections usually heal by themselves.

When the staphylococcus aureus bacterium becomes resistant to antibiotics, it is known as MRSA or mercer in short. In this case, the treatment is quite difficult as the infection would be resistant to most antibiotics. The resistant nature is due to overuse of antibiotics for minor infections and failing to complete the entire course of the treatment. Having an MRSA infection requires more rigorous and aggressive treatment plans.

When an immune system in the body is strong, the MRSA fails to be big threat to the general health. Stronger immune system means smaller chances of getting infections caused by mercer bacteria.  Practicing good hygienic habits also helps diminish the occurrence of MRSA infections.

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What Causes Mercer Staph Infection