First Aid For A Minor Cut  

All kinds of cuts bleed whether they are deep gashes or just minor cuts and they have to be treated immediately. When a person leaves a minor cut untreated it can lead to serious infections and other problems. Whether it is a child or an adult, when they have a small cut, then they should immediately wash with soap to avoid infection. Also, it depends on how the cut occurred.

If a person cut themselves using a knife or a blade that was rusted, then it has to be made sure that the wound is cleaned with an antiseptic solution. Initially all cuts tend to bleed a lot. However, in case of minor cuts the wound will bleed only for sometime like 2 or 3 minutes and then naturally stop. Only after the bleeding stops one can determine if it is a minor cut or a deep one. Deep wounds may need stitches and that is why it is important to wait until the bleeding stops.

After examining the cut and if it appears shallow, then you can clean it using some cotton and spirited solution. After drying the wound out, put some antibiotic cream or antiseptic cream on it and leave it open. If it is in a delicate area like a finger or wrist, then you can cover the wound to avoid getting it wet too often. There are several anti bacterial ointments available off the shelf and keep one in the first aid kit. Also you need to use the cream often until the wound shows signs of healing.

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First Aid For A Minor Cut




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