Who Invented The First Hearing Aid ?  

Hearing aid is a small electronic device that assists people who have an impaired hearing. This device works on the principle of receiving the sound waves and further converting them to electrical signals. These electrical signals are then amplified and modulated to the desired levels and are sent back in the form of amplified and modulated signals which is further reverted back to an amplified sound wave that can be heard by the person who has worn that device.

People have been using hearing aids for centuries. It is not a new concept. However, the hearing aids in the ancient times were simple and large. As the time passed by the designs have gone through many modifications. At present the market is full of various kinds of hearing aids that are most sophisticated, trendy and have advanced features. If someone digs out history, the first hearing aid device would be traceable to the 1500 century. In this era the device were usually made up of wood resembling the size and shape of a human ear. As we reached 19th century, hearing aids became a consumer product and were marketed in all corners of the world. All these came with heavy price tags and only affluent people could only afford them

The invention of body worn hearing aids were brought about by an American physicist named Harvey Fletcher, who while working with Bell Laboratories came up with such a design. Ever since, hearing aid technology has noticed an enormous amount of advancement. With latest wireless technology, and other advanced technologies, hearing aids have not only gained sophistication, but also proved to be very helpful and useful for those who have hearing problems.

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Who Invented The First Hearing Aid




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Who Invented The First Hearing Aid ? )
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