Elderly Broken Bones And Fear Of Emotional Trauma Physical Therapy  

Falls and broken bones seem to be very unavoidable for elderly people as per a couple of reports released regarding the fractures occurring among aged people. Fractures at old age not only result in a lot of pain but also creates other complications related to mind.

There is a lot of psychological baggage carried by the elderly individuals which makes healing more delayed and difficult.

Falls can result in becoming complicated with age and the self-confidence of people deters. They start imagining the worse and this may cause further physiological complication too. It is also found that falls termed to be “minor” could be because of some other complication starting to crop up in the body.

Old people start assuming that they are slowly becoming dependant and are not competent any more to take care on their own. Insecurities of age catch up with them and they require a lot of moral support and motivational counseling to get over these imaginative and insecure fears.

Added to this, elderly people find themselves constrained and vulnerable, more so if they are highly accomplished and have come up on their own in their challenging lives. They feel defeated and betrayed though people around them may not really feel they are a burden.

The other consequences of this could be isolation, depression, muscle loss, sudden unhealthy weight loss and pneumonia. Some of them do recover fast with determination while others end up having bed sores and also ultimately die unable to recover from the injury.

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Elderly Broken Bones And Fear Of Emotional Trauma Physical Therapy




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