Hyperbaric Therapy For Broken Bones  

HBO or HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is a specialized method of healing broken bones wherein extra oxygen is forced into the human body through pressurizing the hyperbaric chamber. The oxygen is made to enter tissues, blood cells, internal organs, blood plasma, brain and other body fluids like cerebral-spinal fluid.

The oxygen sent into the human body fills the oxygen starved tissues and cells and regenerates them. There is also an increase in neural brain function as the oxygen gets saturated. The system is detoxified as the toxins and other impurities present in the affected area are removed. This is also one form of anti-bacterial and anti-viral treatment as these micro organisms do not survive in an oxygen rich environment.

The oxygen gradient increases in the starved tissues and produces new blood vessels around the affected part of the body. The immunity increases and also pain and swelling of the affected part are reduced and hence this therapy has anti-inflammatory properties.

This therapy is commonly used for healing burns, sport injuries, surgery wounds, accidents and also broken bones. The healing time reduces and the suffering is significantly lesser. It also prevents any infection of the wounded portion and repairs damages effectively.

But there are a couple of drawbacks for this therapy. It takes a long time for this process sometimes spanning a few hours everyday. The treatment duration may extend to weeks for the effects to be seen. It may work out really expensive and burdensome especially if the distance to the therapy centre is too high.

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Hyperbaric Therapy For Broken Bones




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