Tips For Relieving Swelling And Splints And Broken Bones  

Broken bones result in extreme pain and swelling. Deformation occurs in most cases and during the course of treatment there is numbness, itching and tingling sensations. The skin feels cold and looks pale, discolored or changes color at the affected portion.

The first step to treat a broken bone is to reduce pain and swelling. You also need to immobilize the injury using a splint which should be made of a hard material. Do not tie the broken part too tightly as it may result in reduced blood flow causing the skin to become blue or grey.

Do not try to reset the bone on your own. Insult, consult the doctor for this purpose. Until you reach your medical practitioner, avoid moving your fractured portion unnecessarily. Rest the body immediately until your receive further help from a medical expert. This is a safe option than resulting in further complications and would relieve a lot of pain. Resetting bones properly is an important step before healing could begin.

Use padding whenever possible, and utilize a sling if the hand is involved and the elbow can be bent. Do not use ice on the injured part as it may result in a severe frost bite. Instead, use a cold pack. Wearing an ACE bandage (a type of elastic compression bandage) could also help reduce the swelling.

For reducing the pain, you may take a pain killer which could be got over-the-counter but it is advisable to consult the doctor before taking one. He may even recommend medication to control the anxiety levels of your fracture.

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Tips For Relieving Swelling And Splints And Broken Bones




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