What Helps Broken Collar Bones Heal Faster ?  

People who are most susceptible to broken collar bones are scooters and bikers. However, older people who cannot walk and have ageing disabilities are also prone to breaking their collar bones. Collar bone is a difficult area to reach and once it breaks a person may encounter several problems.

The shoulder area unlike the arm and hand cannot be supported using a sling. Even a neck sling may be of very little help in repairing the collar bones. The most delicate part of the collar bone area is the clavicle and it beaks easily. There are several nerves that pass near the clavicle and if this bone does not grow back in the same position it may suppress the nerves and cause more problems like back ache in future.

The first thing to do when you have an accident is give complete effort to the recovery. Once the collar bone breaks, that area should be kept without disturbance and frequent movements is not allowed. You need to give the bone time to reset to its position after the break. The healing of the bone depends on the person’s age and diet. A younger person or middle aged people may recover faster than older people in whom the bone growth is slow. To promote the growth of the broken bone one should have calcium supplements as prescribed by the doctor. After the bone sets in the doctor will also advice physiotherapy which should be done without fail. Physiotherapy also is a form of exercise which helps the bones grows faster.

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What Helps Broken Collar Bones Heal Faster




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Broken-Bones-In-Cast      A cast is like a big bandage tied around the area of broken bones which keep it in place and prevents abnormal movement of the affected bone. This helps in healing. There are two layers in a cast -- the first layer consists of soft cotton and is the inner layer which rests on the skin. The hard outer layer of the cast is the one which prohibits movement of the broken bone. More..




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What Helps Broken Collar Bones Heal Faster ? )
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