Where Can I Get CPR Certified  

There is a lot of information about CPR certification on the internet. There are about thousands of companies that offer CPR certification. However, there are only a few accredited CPR courses available in the United States. Attending these accredited course class can offer people genuine CPR certification.

Such classes are conducted by the American Red Cross (ARC), American Heart Association (AHA) and the National Safety Council (NSC).

However, CPR certifications are largely unregulated and anybody can enroll in any CPR training and get himself or herself CPR certified. Due to this rampant certifying process, most employers and the state EMS agencies only accept CPR certifications provided by the above mentioned reputed organizations.

Nonetheless, in an emergency, any person can provide a CPR. He or She does not have to be CPR certified. The person could have attended a CPR training alone and not been certified. It actually does not matter as long as you are willing to help the victim. This is one of those medical procedures that has absolutely no downside. This is because CPR is effective when a person has a cardiac arrest or when his heart has stopped beating. Under such circumstances, the victim requires a CPR or else he or she will die. Irrespective of certification, it is important that the person performs CPR on the victim. So, it is more important to be informed about CPR. CPR certification only demonstrates to the concerned authorities that the person has completed a CPR class. However, if you are particular on getting CPR certified, then make sure that you attend an accredited course from one of the above mentioned organizations.

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Where Can I Get CPR Certified




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