Lightheadedness With Change In Air Pressure  

Light headedness in a person occurs due to several reasons, some of them being related to illnesses and some due to environmental change. For example, people feel dizzy when they travel in an airplane. This is called motion sickness and actually there is no real cure for such conditions. They are not of serious nature.

However, they can be very uncomfortable for the person. When a person is in an airplane the altitude changes quickly and there is a change in air pressure randomly. The body does not adapt to these quick changes and causes dizziness in some. Also, people who experience light headedness have other symptoms like ringing in the ears and nausea. In higher altitudes, the air pressure is high and the quality of air is also thin. When they breathe in they may feel a difference and this in turn causes other problems like dizziness.

The best way to deal with it during change in altitudes is to practice breathing in slowly and also chewing something avoids the pressure to build in the chest. Rapid breathing in higher altitudes causes the pressure in the chest to build up and reducing the blood flow to the brain. That is why a person feels dizzy. People can feel the same when they are climbing steps or mountains for example. Also, some places are at a higher sea level and this might not suit people with problems like motion sickness. The easiest way to deal with such problems is by either by drinking enough liquids at higher altitudes or practice breathing exercises.

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Lightheadedness With Change In Air Pressure




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