Possible Causes For Lightheadedness And Nausea  

There are hundred of reasons for light headedness and nausea in a person. Some people have this every day in their life and some feel it occasionally. However, it is important to notice other symptoms, if any, when a person feels dizzy. Because most diseases have a classic set of symptoms based on which it can be diagnosed.

Here are some of the conditions that can cause the above two symptoms mainly.

Dehydration: It is one of most common reasons for dizziness and nausea at the same time and the only cure is to drink plenty of water.

Sunstroke: Sunstroke leads to dehydration and these are some of the first symptoms

Hypoglycemia: When ever the blood sugar levels drop below normal then a person may feel this way.

Vertigo: If a person feels dizzy and nauseous everyday, then it might be vertigo

Morning sickness: It occurs during pregnancy and these are the usual symptoms of it.

Diarrhea; diarrhea is also another popular reason for nausea and dizziness

Jaundice or Yellow Fever: This disease is associated with the liver but it can cause a person to feel dizzy or nauseous.

Food allergies: Certain types of foods may cause these symptoms in a person when they eat it.

Neurological problems: There are several neurological problems including schizophrenia, anxiety disorders that can cause these symptoms in a person.

Anemia: People who starve themselves on a daily basis are most likely to face these symptoms.

There are several other reasons for nausea and dizziness and the only cure is to take medications for nausea and drink plenty of fluids for dizziness.

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Possible Causes For Lightheadedness And Nausea




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