Effect Of Campylobacter Food Poisoning In Children  

Campylobacter is a harmful bacteria and it causes a common kind of food poisoning in children. It can also affect adults but to a much lesser extent. This bacterium is usually found in foods like chicken and when they find their way into the digestive track they cause infection. They are the most common types of bacteria causing problems in children.

It is also found that it occurs in children more when they are being toilet trained. One possible explanation is probably because this bacterium is also found in human feces. Raw poultry like chicken, ducks and turkey normally carry this bacterium. If the meat is not thoroughly cooked, then it can easily cause food poisoning. The most common symptom that children experience due to this type of bacterial infection is diarrhea. In some children there will be no other symptoms other than high fever.

Fever, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and body pains are the other symptoms. Most of the cases are mild and even the symptoms occur in a mild form. Very rarely does this condition require hospitalization and usually people get better within a week or 10 days. The best way to treat it in children is to give them light watery foods like porridge and completely avoid poultry products like eggs and chicken. If possible put them on a complete vegetarian diet. Simple food like apple sauce, rice, wheat porridge is best during this infection. There are no long term effects of this condition on children and it is just like flu.

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Effect Of Campylobacter Food Poisoning In Children




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Effect Of Campylobacter Food Poisoning In Children )
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