How Does Food Poisoning Effect The Government ?  

Food poisoning can occur at any time and there is no way one can prevent that from happening. However, when food is being prepared unhygienically or stored in bad and improper manner, food poisoning can occur. When the food poisoning occurs in huge masses, then the government is directly blamed for it.

It is the responsibility of the FDA, or the Food and Drugs Authority, to ensure that food made by commercial organizations are safe to eat for people and are prepared in the prescribed way. There are several commercial companies that prepare ready made food, process meat, fast food, and many more. If these people do not ensure that the food meets the required FDA standards, then a lot of people can consume it leading to a mass food poisoning scenario. Every type of food has a manufacture and an expiration date beyond which it is not safe to have. Supermarkets and stores should respect these dates and ensure that food that has crossed expiration date never reaches the people.

Also, fast food joints which sell food made with processed meat should ensure it is safe. Usually there are several rules to how excess food should be stored and how long it should be stored before being discarded. If food that was to be discarded somehow reaches people who innocently eat it, food poisoning may occur. Even if 5 people who ate at the same place or consumed the same kind of food fall sick then it is called mass food poisoning.

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How Does Food Poisoning Effect The Government




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How Does Food Poisoning Effect The Government ? )
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