How Do You Know If A Dog Has A Fever ?

How Do You Know If A Dog Has A Fever ?

Dogs are also living beings and they fall sick and get fever just like us. To tell if your dog has fever there are indicators that can be used to tell that something is wrong. One should never ignore the symptoms or else they will only get worse. People need to treat the dogs like babies because they cannot communicate and tell what they are going through.

First of all a healthy dog will have bright and clear eyes, they will be full of energy and have a good diet. If there is something wrong with its health, the dog will change its attitude. He will show less interest when you talk to him and he will suffer from loss of appetite.

The body temperature of a dog is anything between a 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 102 degrees Fahrenheit and this is considered normal. You can touch the dog's nose or the back of his ears and his fur and see if it is warm. If it is, then probably he has a fever. However, the best and most accurate way to see if the dog has fever is by using a thermometer rectally. If there is a change in the dog’s attitude and you see more symptoms like scratching or painful groans and sometimes even bloody stools, then the dog is definitely running fever. Diarrhea or vomiting is also a symptom of fever and if your dog displays this symptom, it is high time to take action.

If your dog is running fever, he needs rest and also a light diet until he recovers fully. If he does not recover in a couple of day, it is time to take your to a veterinary doctor.

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How Do You Know If A Dog Has A Fever