What Is The Yearly Death Amount In A Heat Wave ?

What Is The Yearly Death Amount In A Heat Wave ?

Climate experts predict that global warming effects are likely to increase death rates among people due to reasons like heat wave. The high temperatures that global warming is likely to cause can bring about several heat-related illnesses that could be of severe nature.

As the term suggests, global warming means that the earth is heating up. In other words, the overall weather is going to be hot. Human beings have an upper limit as to how much heat their body can bear and the global warming may actually bring about climatic changes where the heat is much higher than what people can take.

Heat-related illnesses like heat stroke and sun stroke can actually kill people and even if they do not kill, they can leave harmful detrimental effects behind for the person to deal with for the rest of his life. People have reported brain damage and also prolonged tiredness after an attack of heat stroke. Some people have reported symptoms that were very similar to heart stroke. Several people developed problems with vision, mental illnesses, and also pulse rates after they suffered from a heat stroke.

However heat stroke is not something new and people from all over the world have been suffering with it from times unknown. In some countries summer heat is more severe than elsewhere and several people suffer the wrath of extreme hot weathers and heat waves can occur any time.

There are no conclusive figures on the yearly death toll due to a heat wave in the US because the number keeps varying each year depending on the severity of the heat wave. For example, in July 2006 when California had a heat wave, 164 people died. And the same year in August when the entire east coast was reeling under a heat wave, over 16 people died. However, these figures are not conclusive as they were taken during the middle of the heat wave.

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What Is The Yearly Death Amount In A Heat Wave