Stop Sweating Medication

Stop Sweating Medication

Sweating is considered to be a natural and healthy process for the human body and if you are someone who has been sweating because you were sitting in the heat under the sun or if you have been working out in the gym, then there is nothing to worry about. The body has to sweat to keep itself cool and under different conditions it sweats to maintain the salt balance in the body.

However, there are several more conditions where a person sweats more than required and it is not considered normal. When a person sweats without receiving stimuli, then it could be due to stress, or emotional and psychological reasons. This problem is known as excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis in the medical terminology.

However, sometimes when we mention sweating as a medical problem there can be another type which is life-threatening and that is anhidrosis. It is a condition in which sweating is less or negligible.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis always find it difficult to stop perspiring even with medications. They often resort to surgical treatments that are actually not the ultimate method of treatment.

There are many oral medications available that can help people who want to stop sweating. However, the degree of effectiveness will vary from person to person. Hyperhidrosis is best treated by an anticholinergic drug named oxybutynin. This drug is marketed as Ditropan. However, this drug has side effects like dry mouth and drowsiness.

Another drug that is similar to oxybutynin is glycopyrrolate, which is marketed as Robinul. However, this drug too has the same side effects as oxybutynin along with pain in the mouth and throat.

Some doctors recommend beta-blockers to stop sweating but they have not known to be as effective. However, one of the reasons for sweating is anxiety and drugs that can cure this disorder are also effective in treating the associated sweating.

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Stop Sweating Medication