List Of Anaerobic Exercises

List Of Anaerobic Exercises

When energy exchange takes place in the tissues of your body without the use of oxygen, it is an anaerobic process.

This means that anaerobic exercises cause an anaerobic process in your body and this would explain why these exercises are done for a short period of time. Anaerobic exercises are extremely intensive and rigorous and one can feel completely drained out both physically and mentally after an exercise session.

There are many anaerobic exercises but the most common ones on the list of anaerobic exercises are weight lifting, jumping and sprinting. However, even exercises that are high intensity ones but done for a short period of time are anaerobic exercises. List of anaerobic exercises also contain javelin throw, long jump, high jump, shot put, hammer throw, push ups and pull ups.

Usually athletes who are into non-endurance sports do anaerobic exercises. These exercises allow them to build their muscle and power. By doing anaerobic exercises, the athletes ensure that their muscles can perform better in high intensity activities lasting for short duration of time.

When you are doing anaerobic exercises, you are pushing your body to the limit and during this time, your lungs are not capable of supplying the oxygen your muscles need. So, your body performs without oxygen and it can only do so for a short time. During this time, your body will produce lactic acid, which is the reason why you get cramps and your muscles feel fatigued. You have to rest, in order to get rid of the lactic acid build up and your muscles use the oxygen to replenish the energy that was used.

Anaerobic exercises will speed your metabolism and this will continue even after you have stopped exercising. However, the major benefit of anaerobic exercise is its ability to build stronger muscles.

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List Of Anaerobic Exercises