Overtraining And Lactic Acid

Overtraining And Lactic Acid

If you over train once, it will not have any harmful effects. However, constant overtraining takes a toll on the body and this can result in injury and illness.

Injury can be in the form of sore muscles, joint pains, bad knees or lower back pain. While illnesses are caused because of stress as the body is not given sufficient time to recover and this leads to colds, flu and infections.

Under normal circumstances, all the bodily functions -- metabolism, digestion, muscles, elimination and nerves -- are in delicate chemical balance. However, when you over train, this balance becomes skewed. So, how does this connect overtraining and lactic acid?

The chemical pH of our body is usually alkaline. However, with overtraining, the pH lowers and turns acidic. This happens because lactic acid is produced as a waste product in the muscles each time you over train. But since your body is not getting enough rest and relaxation to eliminate the lactic acid, it keeps building in the muscles until the pH of the body shifts from alkaline to acidic. This, in turn, will make you more susceptible to illnesses.

There is scientific evidence to prove that overtraining and lactic acid are connected. This would explain why you constantly suffer from sore muscles, fatigue and muscle cramps. In addition, your muscle strength will not increase because actual muscle growth happens during the resting period when you body tries to recover from the hectic workout session. As your body is never in a state of rest, the lactic acid is not flushed away from the muscles.

Therefore, overtraining and lactic acid can cause a lot of physical as well as psychological problems. If you want to avoid these problems, you should rest for 48 hours between muscle training sessions so that lactic acid is eliminated from your body and your body is able to recover completely.

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Overtraining And Lactic Acid