Benefits Of The Reverse Bicep Curl  

Bicep curl is a weight training exercise targeting the biceps to develop its size, strength and stamina. A common theme in a weight training exercise is a weight that is moved in an arc using the strength of the biceps. The biceps is contracted to lift the weight through the arc.

Many weight trainers concentrate on just weights thinking that by lifting heavier weights they will be able to develop the muscles of their arms, especially the biceps. Muscle brachialis, which is located below the bicep muscle, is not visible and hence considered unimportant usually by trainers. If the brachialis muscle is properly developed, it can push the bicep muscle higher and make the arm look bigger. Reverse bicep curl is the exercise that concentrates on the muscle brachialis.

         Reverse bicep curl is not an exercise like others which attract onlookers while it is being worked out. But the results from this exercise can make heads turn. While starting this work out begin with lower weight as much as half the weight of the normal bicep curl exercise. Grip the top of the bar instead of gripping from the hands underneath. Curl it like a regular curl. However as the grip is from the top of the bar, this will utilize the brachialis muscle to move the weight.

         The forearms will experience the tension as we move to the top of the curl. Hold for second at the top then bring it down slowly. The swelling in the lower biceps will be experienced. To increase intensity of the workout, make the grip closer by keeping hands 3 to 4 inches apart. This can contact the brachialis muscle even further.

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Benefits Of The Reverse Bicep Curl




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      Biceps are involved in all upper body activities. Hence, they need to be exercised regularly. As bicep muscles are small, we will not be able to use the same amount of weight as much as we use for chest or back exercises. It is adequate to work out biceps once or twice a week. We should also know that we exercise the biceps somewhat when chest and back exercises are being carried out. More..




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Benefits Of The Reverse Bicep Curl )
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