Female And Sexy Biceps  

Testosterone, a male hormone, is responsible for the male body developing big muscles with proper bodybuilding routine. The lack of testosterone, or rather the lower levels of testosterone, in the body does not permit a female to develop muscles identical to men.

Ladies can develop muscles with proper body building exercises but they can never be as big and bulky as in the male body. The nature has made it that way. Men and women have different roles in society and accordingly the bodies were built for that role.

But the times are changing. There is intense competition among the sexes and females feel that they are deprived of certain advantages the males enjoy. Testosterone is one such thing. However, those women interested in building bigger biceps can do so by following the steps outlined below.

Training in the gym is essential in comparison to the bodyweight training at home. Gym is normally well equipped with professional training equipment. Women need to consider increasing the weights instead of no. of repetitions. Increase the weight to as heavy as possible. Two three types of bicep weight lifting exercises are to be included in the daily workout. However go for higher weights more than what one is used to. No. of repetitions can be reduced. At any point of time, if you find the weight is easy or comfortable, then it is time to increase the weight again.

Protein is required for building muscles. Heavy protein supplement is needed for building muscles. A combination of weight lifting as mentioned above with use of higher weights and proper protein supplement can help women to develop bicep muscles. These bicep muscles may not be as big and bulky as in men, but they can still be award winning female bicep muscles.

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Female And Sexy Biceps




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