How Many Bicep Curls Are Enough ?   

Biceps are involved in all upper body activities. Hence, they need to be exercised regularly. As bicep muscles are small, we do not use the same amount of weight as we do when exercising the muscles of the chest or back.

It is adequate to work the biceps once or twice a week. We should also know that we exercise the biceps somewhat when chest and back exercises are being carried out.

Most common biceps include the basic bicep curl but there are several variants available that permits you to work out in different ways.

Bicep curl -- This is a very common exercise for the biceps. Stand with feet at hip width apart. Hold medium weight dumbbells in front of the thighs. Squeeze the biceps and curl the weights towards the shoulders. Lift the weights as much as possible without moving the elbows. Now lower the weights and come back to the starting position.

Barbell bicep curl -- This exercise is with a heavier weight than we handle with dumb bells. Stand with feet apart and hold the weight in front of the thighs. Lift the weight towards the shoulders by bending the arms. Move the weight as high as possible keeping the elbows straight. Now lower the weight slowly and repeat. This exercise is identical to the bicep curl but here we use a barbell in place of dumb bell.

For beginners 1-2 sets of 12 reps and for others 2-3 sets of 15 reps are adequate. Weight can be increased as gradually so that you do not cause injury to the muscles.

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How Many Bicep Curls Are Enough




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